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Date: August 8, 2012 Author: Kerrie Categories: our Childrens Potential, Uncategorized

Art work by Rita Loyd. http://www.nurturingart.com/

At ‘Our Children’s Potential’ we provide an in house service for schools. More and more schools are seeing the benefits of having a service that provides Counselling and Play Therapy.

Who May Benefit?

The service will benefit children and young people who are suffering from low self esteem, seem anxious and worried, suffering from bereavement, aggressive or withdrawn. All these issues are likely to have a knock on effect on the students learning, behaviour, attendance and wellbeing.

How it Works

Once a referral is made, an assessment is made to ascertain suitability of the creative therapy. An initial evaluation is made to assess the number of sessions the child may have. Some work is short term some children/young person may benefit from long term work. Goodman’s strengths and difficulties questionnaires (SDQ) are used as an assessment tool, alongside a parent interview. The SDQ’s have been completed by parent, referrer and the child and will be used as an assessment tool both pre and post intervention. Play Therapy is a recognised and scientifically proved intervention. Sometimes the child/young person may wish to work more verbally, so the session will be more like a counselling session. However, if the child is drawn to the creative mediums then Non directive Play Therapy will be used using creative mediums such as sand trays, puppets, clay, Therapeutic storytelling, music and Arts and crafts. The child is given a confidential and permissive space to where he/she can explore their world and give expression to feelings via the creative mediums.

What is Included in the Service?

  • An hour a week with the referred child/young person using counselling and Play Therapy techniques
  • Group Play Therapy
  • Assessment of child :Observation, Interview and using SDQ assessment tool
  • Report writing to external agencies
  • Telephone calls to Parents and School
  • Meetings with head/Deputy Head/SENCO
  • Referral Interviews
  • Parental Interviews
  • Referral Reviews
  • Parental Reviews
  • Session planning
  • Setting up time
  • Cleaning up after session
  • Providing kit e.g Sand, Clay, paper, paints, felt tips, crayons, puppets, books, miniatures, blankets, toys and sand trays for sessions.
  • External supervision
  • PTUK membership/BACP membership
  • Insurance

If you or your school are interested in this service, or you may wish for me to give a talk at your school please do not hesitate in contacting me.