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Group Play Therapy

Date: September 25, 2012 Author: Kerrie Categories: our Childrens Potential

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Have you ever thought about Group Play Therapy sessions for your school? Group Play Therapysessions are a very powerful way to help a child develop peer relations, coping mechanisms and problem solving. The group becomes a mini society where the child learns how to be an individual but also how to build relations with others and be part of a group. Group Play Therapy is ideal for children who present as introverted, withdrawn, shy, over-pleasing, low level aggression and poor attention.

The Group Play Therapy is for groups of  three children , larger groups can be formed but would need another adult to assist. Various groups can be formed such as groups where children have a commonality such as low self esteem, bereavment/loss or for children who are being bullied. If you or your school are interested in Group Play Therapy then please contact me on www.ourchildrenspotential email me at  kerrie@ourchildrenspotential or call me on 07737 788242. Many Thanks